The French Martini.  Unique Mercantile. 

Distinct Finds.

Our Story

The French Martini began in the summer of 2013 when Brandi Wotanowski and Angela Kurze were out to dinner.  A woman was wearing a unique necklace that both Brandi and Angela were inspired by and they decided to get together and make one for themselves.  They sourced their materials and met at a local bead shop to create two beautiful necklaces.  Women in their community began to ask about their necklaces: “where can I get one of those?”  In the past, both Brandi and Angela had dreamed of opening their own businesses, and now, the opportunity finally seemed right.  In November 2013, over cocktails in New York City, the two shared a drink called a French Martini, and they toasted to their new idea:  a mercantile style shop with distinct finds, including the necklaces they had made for themselves.  In essence, if Brandi & Angela love it, they would sell it in their shop.


Brandi Wotanowski and Angela Kurze, Creators and Partners of The French Martini