"The best rooms also have something to say about the people who live in them."    ~David Hicks

Our mission at TFM Styling Service is to create a personal space, utilizing your own pieces, that is both well-styled and purposeful.  Your home, your space, is a direct reflection of you, your family, and your lifestyle.  The decor should include all your most treasured pieces, including heirlooms, favorite chairs, vintage rugs, wedding china and contemporary pieces. Blending the old and the new is what makes a space uniquely your own.  By utilizing your current decor and furnishings, TFM Styling Service will style your space with functionality in mind, creating a beautiful space with balance, texture and scale.  If needed, we would also assist you in finding new pieces to blend with your current favorites. We’ll help create the perfect spot for the fine china handed down from your great-aunt, or the vintage chair you have had since your parents downsized, even if it still needs to be reupholstered. We will work within your budget and offer a flat-rate, hourly fee for all of our services.

Space Styling (bookshelves, mantel, tabletop) | Furniture Placement | Blending Vintage & Contemporary Pieces | Sourcing New Items | Consulting on Renovations

Please contact us for a consultation at thefrenchmartini@gmail.com.

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